A little introduction…

I am a 19-year-old English and Journalism student currently studying for my undergraduate degree at the University of Lincoln.

I live 200 miles away in the small town of Westbury in Wiltshire, where I have lived since the age of eight. Before that, I lived in the even smaller village of Atworth in Wiltshire.

I find it very hard to express myself in person and so writing has always been the one thing that has always had my back. I found my love for writing when I was only small and through studying English Literature and Language at GCSE, I soon found my love for reading also.

Being a very creative person, I studied English Literature, Fine Art and Photography at A Level (as well as Psychology and Product Design as AS Level, but we won’t talk about that…) I ended up getting (surprisingly) pretty decent grades in my A Levels, which is why I am now studying at university.

I also have a huge passion for music, having gone to Reading festival two years running, I’ve seen a fair few bands and artists live and it is my favourite thing to do. My music taste is quite weird, I can vary from Justin Bieber to Slipknot (don’t judge). My favourite artists I have seen live are Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon and blink-182.

I am also a huge foodie. I love every type of food from Italian to Hungarian. Being half Hungarian myself, I have always watched my nan make her own recipes and cook Hungarian food. I use this to advantage because the food is not widely known to my friends, so they’re missing out.

I love surrounding myself with people who make me laugh and smile on a daily basis. I try to do things that make me happy and my biggest ambition in life is to travel the world. I hope one day I can say I’ve experienced much more than just England’s cold weather.

So this my blog and I’ll be writing about things that interest me and hopefully you will get to know me a bit more through my posts.

Anna x


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